Premium Bank Grade Currency Counter (UV/ MG CF)


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Semacon S-1600 Premium Bank Grade Currency Counter designed for High Volume use in banks and other financial institutions

The Semacon S-1600 Series Premium Bank Grade Currency Counters are designed with Semacon's SmartFeed  technology for very high volume applications and are used by banks, credit unions, casinos, large retailers and other industries.  They feature heavy duty construction, operational flexibility and ease of use.  The series offers optional ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection.

Ease of Use

The S-1600 Series Premium Bank Grade Currency Counters are intended for use in high volume environments such as banks, credit unions, casinos and large retailers. They feature an intuitively designed control panel including a 10 digit keypad for batching along with buttons for commonly used features making these counters easy to operate in a variety of applications.

Ultra High Performance

These counters offer ultra high speed counting at up to 1800 banknotes per minute and are manufactured with high performance, full duty cycle components designed to run 24/7 for years in the harshest environments. Ef ciency and Reliability Our SmartFeed Advanced Banknote Feed System Technology rapidly and reliably processes banknotes of all conditions ranging from very worn to brand new. Four variable counting speeds allow the operator to handle delicate bills at the slower speeds or maximize ef ciency at the higher speeds.

Precision Counting Accuracy & Error Detection

Semacon Currency Counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect errors including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc. Our counters ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble-free operation.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection Technology

Select models offer Semacon s SmartDetect Advanced Counterfeit Detection System designed to pinpoint suspect banknotes featuring ultraviolet (UV) detection for banknote paper properties and (optionally) dual magnetic (MG) detection for banknote ink properties.

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